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2gether we will... 

You're worth it!



At dreams 2 Reality, we face our challenges as a team! 

I'm on a mission to turn everyone's "I CAN'T!" into "YES I CAN - IF I WANT TO - WITH PRACTICE!". It requires hard work and transparency. 

You WON'T find perfection here - no one's perfect. You WON'T find the EASY way either. Meaning, there's NO miracle pills or potions. You WILL find HONEST emotional, physical, nutritional support and guidance! You WILL find a community that genuinely cares about your health and wellbeing and that community will need the same care in return from you. You WILL find a community that you can be honest with! And, most importantly...  We never give up here! So, you WILL turn your dreams 2 Reality with us! 

Have you ever wondered why it's so hard to get results, or even harder to keep them... If so, here you WILL find out what's preventing you, Plus, how to overcome your obstacles! At dreams 2 Reality, we offer everything "A-Z" FITNESS-related, in order to meet the CORE of your health and wellness needs. We DO NOT just TREAT the symptoms you face - like most Doctors will. We DO problem-SOLVE as a team... And, YES! To SOLVE is to face the tough and challenging TRUTH that most people prefer to avoid and dread - I know because I am on my own journey too - but I am here to help make it fun for everyone! So we can ALL get done, what needs "2" get done! Begin now!

Whether you are a current member, considering becoming one, or just a passer by that was curious. Please feel free to email me with your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas... It takes a village, folks!

2gether we will... You're worth it!

💞 Jennifer




        1.  the building up aspect of your mind frame body and core. 

        2.  a vitality required for drastic change.

        3.  powerful results. 


Join Us for Our Next

FREE VirtualLivE FITNESS Class!

Roll out of bed every Saturday and workout with u​s on Zoom. 

Community. Accountability. Results.

Whether your goal is to regain a sense of vitality, get your sexy back, get stronger, or simply be healthier, I can help you achieve your goal. 

I approach every class and every client from a holistic, team oriented, 360° view. You are a whole 3-dimensional person and deserve an approach that honors that. My goal is to help you connect your mind, body, and the core of your being so you live more happily, more vibrantly, and with greater health and wellbeing. 

Corporate clients, Your employees need support now more than ever. I can help your employees stay healthy, motivated, and vested in their work and in meeting company goals. Whether your employees are all remote, or some hybrid, your wellness program can still provide a way to meet the needs of all your employees. Additionally, I can help your leadership team reduce their stress and find ways to meet their goals.

Your Life-Changing Adventure Awaits!

The time to make a positive change in your life is NOW. I know it isn’t always easy, but with me by your side, I can make staying on the right path feel easier — I can certainly make it feel more fun! If you’re ready to commit to a healthier you, if you want a lifestyle change, I’m ready and willing to be your guide and cheerleader — let’s Begin!


My Services

Empower your mind, body, & core connection!

Individual Health

During my VirtualLivE FITNESS, I offer styles that help to improve posture, low back pain or injury, strength, coordination, balance, and more. I also created a Health  & Lifestyle Screening for individuals, groups and organizations.

Family Health

Whether your teens were thinking about starting a family business, or you are ready to join VirtualLivE FIITNESS (Family-style), I got it covered. I also offer KidZ-FitnessFIRST to all kids 5-12 years old. Parents, workout with us!

Corporation Health

 JennErgy Rallies for corporations, I cover topics that relate to health, sedentary jobs, fitness, stress, and more. I also offer a dose of Mind Your Business to corporations, groups and organizations.

Motivational Events

talks for teens, I cover topics that relate to health, wellness, lifestyle, fitness, stress, and more. I also offer Motivational Talks to corporations, groups and organizations.

I'm on the journey wit​h you!

The first thing you need to know is that I’m committed to be on your health journey with you. As a fitness and health leader, I know I’m always learning, right along with my clients. It’s important to me to create a safe, inclusive community where we can all grow and improve our physical health so we may live our best lives.

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Begin Your Lifestyle Change Today! 

If you still have questions Connect With Me!

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It's up to YOU to connect your mind, body, and core. I make the journey more fun and rewarding!

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My Disappearing Blog

To read my latest blog entry, before it disappears, check back here on (or around) the 15th of each month!

Our Latest Blog Entry

This blog idea is completely disappearing... I decided to start a People Encouraging People Event instead - I want to offer a more effective, FREE, business networking group for anyone willing to do what it takes to create faster, longer-lasting results 👍 I'm working on the design phase now. Wanna help? Our second MeetUP is the 4th Tuesday of Decenber... 


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dreams 2 Reality

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