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Here at dreams 2 Reality we are all about transparency! 

You won't find perfection below... but you will find honesty and a slight disaster even :) 

Recently it came to my attention that my website lacked organization and a clear direct navigational existence. So I am working on redesigning my website, on my own, and I have decided to openly share my transformative journey with you all. Whether you are a current member, considering on becoming one, or just a passer by that was curious, please feel free to email me with your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas. 2gether we will... You're worth it!

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It's up to YOU to connect your mind, body, and core. I make the journey more fun and rewarding!

Find out what Natural Awakenings is buzZz'N about...

See what Maisie, a phenomenal woman, and her team created!

My Disappearing Blog

To read my latest blog entry, before it disappears, check back here on (or around) the 15th of each month!

Our Latest Blog Entry

This blog idea is completely disappearing... I decided to start a People Encouraging People Event instead - I want to offer an alternative, more effective, FREE, business networking group alternative for anyone willing to do what it takes to create faster, longer-lasting results 👍 I'm working on the design phase now. Wanna help? Our second MeetUP is the 4th Tuesday of Decenber...

Email me if you want to learn more.

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