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Keeping Families Happy & Healthy 


Family Health

You have goals and desires for your life and health. d2R offers informative, effective, results-oriented programs and classes to help you achieve those goals — and you’ll have fun on the way!

I LOVE what I do and care deeply about helping my clients reach — and surpass — the vision they hold for their health and life. My focus is to guide you toward a healthy and vibrant connection between your mind, body, and core so you can trust your intuition and your body. I empower my clients to take back responsibility for their health and fitness, which means, with commitment and consistency, they achieve their goals.

Families That Play 2gether Stay Healthier!

My programs and classes offer not only unique, fun, and challenging workouts (always adaptable to any body needs), you also get accountability, community, and support — you’re not alone on the journey!


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FREE VirtualLivE FITNESS Class!

Roll out of bed every Saturday and workout with u​s on Zoom. 

My Services

Empower your mind, body, & core connection!

VirtualLive FITNESS (Family-Style)

Classes are fun, challenging, and modifiable for anyone’s body needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you simply need a better and more convenient way to keep going — my live online classes will get you and your whole family results.

Teen Health 

I offer several programs for teens ranging from a Fitness Bootcamp to a Teen Business where I walk them through starting their own business. Learn more.


Parents, are you looking for an effective and convenient way to get your kids moving more? If so, dreams 2 Reality can help! Learn more.

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It's up to YOU to connect your mind, body, core. I make the journey more fun and rewarding!

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My Disappearing Blog

To read my latest blog entry, before it disappears, check back here on (or around) the 15th of each month!

Our Latest Blog Entry

This blog idea is completely disappearing... I decided to start a People Encouraging People Event instead - I want to offer an alternative, more effective, FREE, business networking group alternative for anyone willing to do what it takes to create faster, longer-lasting results 👍 I'm working on the design phase now. Wanna help? Our second MeetUP is the 4th Tuesday of Decenber...

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