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A Healthy Lifestyle 

Is Your Choice


Motivational Walk ’N Talk

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, I am currently not offering any in-person Walk ‘N Talk programs. However, I am available to do this as a phone “Walk ‘N Talk” or simply a virtual coaching/mentoring session.

Many folks simply need someone to bounce ideas around with and a Walk ‘N Talk mentoring session could be exactly what is needed. Sometimes, verbally processing what’s going on in your life, or exploring what may be your fitness or health challenges can be extremely helpful and I enjoy helping my clients in this way.

Let's Get You Energized!

I can provide motivation, feedback, accountability, and health coaching to help steer you back to the right path for you. This can be a great complement to your Unlimited Monthly VirtualLive FITNESS Membership! Or, if you’re not ready to join a group fitness program, this could be the coaching you need to help get you ready to take that step.

I’m here for you. I’m ready and willing to help you get through your challenges or figure out the best way forward. Reach out and let’s virtually Walk‘N Talks!


Begin Your Lifestyle Change Today! 

If you still have questions  Connect With Me!

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