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Giving Teens the 

Support They Need


Teen Health 

Healthy teens grow to become healthy, productive, happy adults. Help your teen(s) feel stronger, more confident, and empowered to be who they are because they trust themselves. 

I offer a variety of ways to virtually work with teens.

Teen Fitness Boot Camp

This is a fitness class specifically designed for ages 13-19. Not only do we concentrate on improving physical health and fitness, but we also address ways to create a space for open and honest communication so we can address topics such as how to eradicate bullying and provide support for each other.

Teens in Business

This 8-week program takes teens through the ideas and initial steps of setting up a business. I provide them the starting point and how to start. This program is heavy on discussion and exploring ideas and the whys behind what needs to happen. The kids create a “business binder” which can become the beginning of their business plan. I also address the importance of learning to work together and helping each other reach

goals. Collaboration is a huge part of working and doing business and is a life skill that will serve them well as they grow and learn.

Motivational Speaking & Presentations

Does your school or teen-focused organization have an event and need a “pump up the energy” speaker? Do you have a theme or topic and could use a fitness/health demo? Do you have a “leaders on the rise” type program for teens and need guest speakers? I’m here to deliver upbeat, informative, and fun talks and presentations to engage teenagers and support the overall objective of the event. 

Ideal for schools, parents, shelters, community centers. Contact me and let’s discuss what you need and how I can be of service.


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